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Reality Check

Xavier finance majors are getting a taste of real-world investing this fall with the creation of a year-long portfolio management course. The nine seniors selected for the course are given responsibility for managing $1 million worth of the University’s high-grade corporate and government bonds from the University’s endowment, says finance chair James Pawlukiewicz.

“It’s like an internship getting real job experience in managing this portfolio,” he says. “We’re referring to it as the Xavier student investment fund.”

Many colleges and universities allow students to practice investing money. What makes Xavier’s program unique is that rather than giving the students stock-picking funds, they are managing fixed-income securities, which is where most of the jobs are right now, Pawlukiewicz says.

The students, of course, aren’t totally on their own. A panel of investment professionals led by Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc., has ultimate veto power over the students’ decisions. The students are in charge of the fund from October through May.

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