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Queen of the Rings

When we left Jenny Thacker in our last issue, the University’s manager for research was diligently searching for the owners of three class rings. Little did she know that the ripple of rings would soon be a tsunami. Since that article, four more lost rings have appeared on her desk. The mysteries began in August 2002 when a ring dated 1952 and bearing the initials J.R.W. was unearthed at a construction site in Columbus, Ohio, and mailed to the University. It was given to Thacker who, after a long and exhaustive search that required all of the resources at her command, finally tracked down the owner. The man, now 73, left school to fight in the Korean War and wasn’t certain he ever received the ring he ordered. However, he did attend Ohio State University following the war, which may explain how the ring ended up in Columbus. Since that, um, ringing success, she’s sleuthed her way to four more happy reunions between lost ring and empty finger. That leaves the original second ring, dated 1984 with the initials R.E.T., and an Our Lady of Cincinnati/Edgecliff College ring dated 1959 or 1969. If you can help identify the owners, or if you’ve found a lost ring, contact Thacker at 513 745-2896, 800 344-4698, ext. 2896, or

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