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Queen City Service M.B.A. students Wendell Hull, Jeff Terlinden, Houston Mason and Tom Armstrong spent the semester working on a service-learning project—and trying to help their hometown. The trio were consultants for KnowledgeWorks, an Ohio foundation that supports education initiatives. Their task: examine cities where businesses positively impact the community and compare them to Cincinnati. The comparison cities: Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Mo.; Columbus, Ohio; Denver; Charlotte, N.C.; and Jacksonville, Fla.

The conclusion: The Queen City has some catching up to do. “In Cincinnati, businesses don’t contribute to the city like they do in other cities,” says Terlinden, a project manager for Fidelity Investments. “The business leaders have a responsibility to contribute to the community.”

Some of the obstacles in Cincinnati, says Hull: Suburban flight, a lack of trust between businesses and education, and a lack of cooperation between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The students presented their findings in May to Chad Wick, president and CEO of KnowledgeWorks. “There was great value in the work done by this M.B.A. class,” says Wick. “We plan to share the students’ findings with various leaders in our community. I’m sure they will find the work valuable.”

Online Registration This fall, students registering for classes won’t have to stand in long lines outside the registrar’s office. That’s because class registration went online in May. The much-anticipated move is the latest addition to Student Online Services, which allows students to access important information online—grades, bursar bills, schedules, transcripts, course descriptions, add/drop forms. The site should be popular with graduate students who work, since they can now register from home or work, says assistant registrar Laura Ruwe. “The people who come in will be the ones with questions,” she says. “We can give our total attention to them. I think it will improve our level of service.”

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