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Profile: Peter Holtermann

Peter Hotlermann

Bachelor of Arts in communications, 1998

President, HolterMedia Inc.

Jacksonville, Fla.

Solid Service | Pete Holtermann started working in pro tennis in college after a blind call to the ATP tournament. “I’m a student at Xavier,” he said. “Can I volunteer in your press room?” The answer was yes. Holtermann volunteered with the tour for the next nine years. In 2004 he was assistant sports information director at Xavier when a position opened up on the ATP World Tour. This time he got the blind call.

Global Reach | As an ATP communications manager, Holtermann publicized events around the world. “I was going to anywhere from 18 to 20 tournaments a year,” he says, from Moscow to Tokyo. Holtermann’s job was to pitch stories to local media, monitor post-match press conferences, take care of sponsors and arrange events with the players.

Flying Solo | In 2008, he broke away to start his own company, HolterMedia, which promotes tennis, figure skating and golf events, all around the world.

Love All | Holtermann’s job entails getting high-strung stars to do things they don’t want to—give TV spots, teach clinics, stand for pictures—and if he’s not careful, it’s easy to seem like a nag. So he tries to see the players before he needs anything. “You make contact with them the first time you see them, so you’re not just hounding them,” he says. “It helps build a little more goodwill.”

Brothers in Arms | The tour creates camaraderie between the media folks and the players, who experience the same traveling frustrations. “You’ve flown 12 hours, missed a connection and lost your luggage,” Holtermann says. “They respect that. Because they go through it, too.”

Pete Sandwich | One day Olympic gold medalist Pam Shriver asked him, “Are you in my phone?” She scrolled down to check, finding him between Peter Angelos and Pete Sampras. “It’s pretty good to be sandwiched between the owner of the Baltimore Orioles and one of the greatest tennis players that ever lived,” he says. “I felt a little out of place.”

World Tour | With events taking place around the world, his frequent flier miles are, well, sky high. “Those accounts are doing all right,” he says. Which means he can hope for an upgrade on the grueling haul to Sydney.

Jettisoning Jet Lag | Wherever he goes, he has to hit the ground running, so there’s no time for jet lag. “Always try to not sleep during the day,” he says. “Stay up to 11:00 p.m. I don’t care how much it hurts, that’s going to be the key.”

International Education | For a kid from Milwaukee, seeing the world has been one of the best parts of his job. “I’d never have been exposed to people from Cyprus, India, Japan, Sweden and Serbia,” he says. “Tennis is a melting pot of a sport.” He might be on his way to Turkey soon—“I hear it’s nice this time of year,” he says.

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