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Profile: Nancy Linenkugel

Nancy Linenkugel earned her master’s degree in health services administration from Xavier in 1980. She’s now president of Chatfield College in Brown County, Ohio. She’s also a Franciscan nun.

Conversion | Linenkugel was 52 years old when she went looking for a new job. She quickly realized, however, she wasn’t so much looking for a paycheck as seeking a mission. She found it at, of all places, tiny Chatfield College, which she calls a “college starter kit.” It offers college classes alongside GED and remedial courses. The school’s 270 students are a mix of rural neighbors in Brown County and city dwellers.

The Mission | “I just could not say no to this mission. Our goal is to get them through graduation so they can go on and get a four-year degree at Xavier or any other college.”

Speaking of Degrees | Linenkugel earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Mary Manse College in Toledo, Ohio, in 1974; a master’s in health services administration from Xavier in 1980; and a doctorate in management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in 1999. She was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1999.

Driven | She was a hospital and health systems executive for 16 years. She served as vice president at St. John Medical Center in Steubenville, Ohio, for five years before moving to Providence Hospital in Sandusky, Ohio. She was chief operating officer for eight months before being promoted to chief executive officer. She left when the order sold the hospital last September.

Thoughts | “It was really sad. One of the things I did in Sandusky was create the Providence Health System. It created an umbrella corporation to get into ventures in tandem with the hospital. In the end, there were six subsidiary corporations, one of which was the hospital. The decision to sell came at the hospital’s 100th birthday. It was transferred to the competitor hospital that we battled every year.”

Familiar Faces | Xavier Chancellor James E. Hoff, S.J., is on Chatfield College’s board of trustees.

Long Term Plans | “I feel God led me here, and I believe there is a plan in life for each one of us.”

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