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Profile: Nancy Kinman

Master of Business Administration, 1990 Vice President, Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati

The Business Woman | Kinman manages the product support and implementation team for commercial operations at Fifth Third. “We provide companies the tools that allow them to manage their cash, invest their cash, pay down commercial loans, monitor disbursements and enable them to provide like-cash vault services if their business requires that.”

The Volunteer | “I’m very passionate about what I do. But part of what helps me excel is my connections outside in the community. I think it’s the realization that you’ve got a purpose in life. And your purpose in life isn’t solely work or solely family or solely community. For me, it’s been in all of those areas.”

The Mentor | “I think the value of having mentors along my professional career has demonstrated to me that that’s one area where I can give back.” For example, Kinman volunteers with Xavier’s Young Aspiring Professional Women’s Group and participates in the mentor program at Fifth Third. “To be able to help employees network and meet other people in the bank is very critical because relationship development is absolutely critical for success in today’s business world. No question about it.”

The Community Leader | Kinman worked with the Leadership Northern Kentucky program that teaches aspiring leaders how to excel and lead within the community. “Not only are you exposed to a lot of community issues, but you’re given opportunities to grow your own leadership skills.” Likewise, Kinman was recently accepted into the Leadership Society in Cincinnati, a program sponsored by the Cincinnati Regional USA Chamber.

The Board Member | Kinman began working with Welcome House, a homeless shelter in Northern Kentucky, in 1999. “I got a call from the executive director of Welcome House who said, ‘Your name’s been given to me as someone who might be interested in serving on our board. I’d like to meet with you.’ ” Kinman served six years on the board and helped establish the first capital campaign that raised more than $100,000.

The Golfer | Kinman plays golf at least twice a week—more if she can—and served as the first female board member for the Fort Mitchell Country Club in 1993. She later took over as president. “We had just celebrated our 100th anniversary as a club. And to serve in the 101st year I thought was kind of a milestone.” Along with committee responsibilities, Kinman oversaw restaurant operations, tennis courts, a golf course and a swim program.

The Award Winner | This year Fifth Third nominated Kinman for Northern Kentucky’s Woman of the Year award, sponsored by The Kentucky Post, Northern Kentucky University and Thomas More College. Kinman was honored at an award luncheon in April at the Metropolitan Education and Training Center in Erlanger, Ky., where more than 400 people attended.

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