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Profile: Dr. Brian Lahman

Dr. Brian Lahman Bachelor of Arts in natural sciences, 1994 Staff Surgeon, Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet, Illinois


Quick Learner | Lahmann was one of the youngest students to ever attend Xavier. He graduated from high school on his 14th birthday and entered the University in the fall, commuting to campus with his 18-year-old twin sisters. He moved into the dorms his sophomore year at 15. “I was lucky because I was always tall. You wouldn’t single me out as the youngest person in the class. Socialization wasn’t a problem.”

Head Start | Lahmann only spent six weeks in kindergarten. “The other kids were learning their colors, and I was already reading and writing.” Lahmann progressed so quickly through grade school that he entered an accelerated high school in Covington, Ky., at age 10.

Early Ideas | At a young age, he had inklings that he wanted to go into medicine. “I saw it as one of the greatest challenges you could put yourself through. If you have a gift or a talent, what better use could it be put to than taking care of people?”

Smooth Operator | Lahmann graduated from Xavier at age 17 and started at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine at age 18, where he exhibited a talent for surgery. “The operating room was the coolest place in the world to spend your day because there was always something different going on. It’s constantly challenging and an invigorating experience to operate.”

New Medicine | Lahmann completed his five-year surgical residency at the University of Kentucky under world famous laparoscopic surgeon Adrian Park. It’s there that he began perfecting his skills in laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that uses small incisions. “One of the things that drew me to it was the amazing technology of it all. The patient has less pain and the recovery is so much faster.”

Hospital to the Stars | Later Lahmann landed a top laparoscopic/bariatric surgery fellowship at Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, Calif., that caters to A-List celebrities.

Homesick | In fall 2003, Cedar-Sinai offered him a permanent position, which he almost accepted, but he and his wife missed their families in the Midwest. “We took a map of the U. S. and laid it on the living room floor, and we started putting red Xs through the states that we didn’t want to live in. What was left at the end was Hawaii, California, Illinois, Ohio and Florida.”

New Beginning | A few months later, Lahmann took a job at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, Ill., near his wife’s family. “So many things in my life have come down to a gut feeling, and this was no exception. I have a very satisfying job. Bariatric surgery, gastric bypass and lap bands for morbid obesity are a very redeeming profession. The impact we make on morbidly obese patients’ health and happiness is profound.”

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