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Profile: Brian Vaughan

Bachelor of Science, 1997
Anesthesiologist, Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati

Providing Care | In addition to his medical practice, Vaughan is founder and head of the Foundation for International Medicine, a non-profit organization aimed at improving the health care of people in developing countries by getting providers there. It achieves this goal by matching interested doctors with agencies working in undeveloped countries, then providing those doctors with grants to help pay down their educational loans while they’re practicing internationally.

Early Inspiration | During his formative years, Vaughan found inspiration in the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning medical missionary who spent most of his life in Africa. “He influenced me to give back all that I had been given for no other reason than being born to the right people.”

School Days | After graduating from Xavier, Vaughan attended medical school at Georgetown University. There, he graduated first in his class in 2001. He then went on to do his residency at the University of North Carolina.

Search for Service | Before starting medical school, Vaughan began researching opportunities for international service. He discovered that, although there is an estimated shortage of about 4 million health care providers worldwide, most doctors owe an average of $140,000 on educational loans and can’t afford to work in undeveloped countries for a long period.

First Steps | Finding no organizations that allow physicians to do international service and pay off their debt, Vaughan decided to act. He began planning the Foundation for International Medicine with his cousin, Dr. John Kedany, who was involved with international public health and had ties to the World Health Organization. But his plans suffered a major blow when Kedany died just before Vaughan completed his residency.

Starting Over | Vaughan eventually found an ally in Xavier. Although it is a separate entity, the foundation will work under the umbrella of the University’s Peace and Justice Programs.
Jesuit Footsteps | “Xavier brings the foundation some credibility and some infrastructure, as well as the Jesuit tradition and all that brings with it,” Vaughan says. “And this is another way for Xavier to express its mission in a concrete way.”

Life’s Work | Along with his duties in local hospitals, Vaughan now works to solidify the foundation’s board of directors and raises funds through donations and private grants. His own service work in Tanzania and Paraguay has only strengthened his commitment. “It’s always uncomfortable to come back from these trips, knowing there are so many with so little. That’s my goal, trying to find that balance with my life, and to leave the world a little better place.”

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