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Profile: Angela Staubach

Angela Staubach
Bachelor of Science in social work, 2001 | Consultant/Project Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity International, Kingston, Jamaica

Down in Kingston | Staubach has been in Jamaica since 2003, when she went to work for Habitat for Humanity International as a national program developer. She completed that work in December 2004 and intended to leave the island, but in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan in September, she took her current position in the disaster response office. “The program I coordinate provides housing solutions for low-income families who would otherwise be unable to repair or rebuild,” she says.

Serving Cincinnati | While at the University, Staubach did practicum/fieldwork at Santa Maria Community Services in Price Hill. There she helped provide support for pregnant women and mothers of young children who are at risk.

Model Student | Staubach graduated with a 4.0 GPA. In 2001 she received the Paul O’Connor Scholarship, based on her academic and extracurricular achievements and contributions to the University. The same year, she was co-recipient of the Charlotte Towle Social Work Award for outstanding seniors in social work. She became a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit honor society, in 1997.

Belize I | In May 2002, Staubach went to Dangriga, Belize, to work for the National Garifuna Council. The Garifuna are a people of African and Carib Indian ancestry indigenous to the Caribbean. “I worked on institutional strengthening initiatives and also with the youth.”

Belize II | In September 2002, Staubach moved to Belize City to work with the Women’s Issues Network of Belize, an umbrella organization involved mostly in advocacy work.

To the U.N. | January 2003 found Staubach in Geneva, Switzerland, working on human rights with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. She represented the organization at various United Nations meetings and followed the U.N. Commission on Human Rights.

Lessons Learned | “I’ve learned it’s necessary to take initiative and use creativity to make things as you would have them, rather than sit around and wait for things to happen or change. I have also seen firsthand that people are fundamentally the same everywhere, that our lives and problems are interconnected, and that while the need and the problems are vast, the power of even one individual is huge.”

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