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Profile: Amy Fenton

Amy Fenton earned a Bachelor of Science in business admininstration from Xavier in 1991. She is vice president and manager of the Latin American regions for ACNielsen BASES.

Testing, Testing | ACNielsen BASES does research and sales forecasts for new product ideas before they’re launched, such as shampoo, potato chips and other grocery store products. “Clients come to us with a new concept for products,” says Fenton. “We test the ideas on consumers. Then we combine what the consumer says with what the client wants to spend and predict sales.”

On the Move | Fenton started working for ACNielsen in Cincinnati right after graduation. She moved to New Jersey, Connecticut and back to Cincinnati before relocating to her new position in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in January.

Home Base | In addition to the Buenos Aires headquarters, she also oversees offices in Brazil and Mexico. Her responsibilities include recruiting new clients and maintaining the client base, which includes Nestlé, Dannon, Kraft and Procter & Gamble.

Brand X | Shortly before she arrived in Argentina, the country was in a deep recession and devalued its peso. “It’s been eye-opening. There have been protests and riots. Argentina used to be one of the 10 wealthiest countries in the world. Now we’re living day-to-day. People were saying that the business was going to be suffering, but people still need to live and use products.”

Diaper Dash | “Another thing changing is consumers are going back to cloth diapers. Manufacturers can’t sell disposable diapers because nobody can afford them. There’s such a demand for cloth diapers that they’re opening the old factories and dusting off the sewing machines.”

Driving Range | “In Buenos Aires people just make up their own rules when they’re driving. I have a license, but I don’t drive. My husband [Chuck Fenton, 1988 B.S.B.A.] worked in New York, so he has the skills to do this type of driving. He drops me off and picks me up.”

Sage Advice | Fenton’s favorite classes at Xavier were philosophy. “Most freshmen don’t like that they’re required to take philosophy, but what I’ve learned is that philosophy opens your mind and makes you think. That’s a huge asset in any career.”

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