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The swimming pool you spent your summer in is probably safe from the bad effects of bacteria, but just when you thought it was safe to get back into the baby pool or hot tub, well, think again. They’re probably going to need more than just a dose of chlorine to kill all the bacteria swimming around in them.

That’s the conclusion, anyway, of a study led by assistant professor of health services administration Edmond Hooker in conjunction with the Cincinnati Health Department. Hooker, along with four students, spent the academic year analyzing hundreds of water samples and then published their findings in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

“What we found is the current standards are totally inadequate,” says Hooker. “For spas and baby pools, it’s just not high enough.” The students presented the data to state officials, who may revise standards to increase the required levels of chlorine in the smaller pools. “You want a lot of chlorine in the pool,” says Hooker. “Chlorine is our friend.”

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