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In July 2003, we attended orientation and listened attentively to many presentations about the Xavier experience. Welcome to Xavier. It all sounded wonderful, but did they really care about students as individuals and not just as a number, as they said? Would they really provide him with quality opportunities to develop himself further?

As our son, Omari, made his final decision to go to his No. 1 college pick, we began trying to finalize the lifetime of independent living and college preparation we had tried to instill in him before he packed to go to Xavier. We had shared with him what we believed were many “pearls of wisdom” regarding the importance of taking care of his health, managing his finances and, most of all, studying, studying and studying some more.

To all of our “pearls” he exasperatedly answered, “I know, Mom,” and “I know, Dad.” As a matter of fact, he knew everything. We were really concerned.

What we have found is Xavier really does care about the intellectual development of the young men and women they accept for admission, and it provides them with opportunities to make a difference in the Cincinnati community, as well as in our global village. Xavier is really serious about student retention, and if you contact those in the office of student success and retention, they get right back to you.

Xavier is really serious about opening up the world to their students and nurturing their exploration of a diversity of ideas and people. And, finally, we found that as a parent, you really can get involved at Xavier. The people at the University want to know how the Xavier experience is progressing for your student—and you too.

The Parent Council is the place where we have had the opportunity to really learn about the uniqueness of Xavier. We have listened to Father Graham and the University administration share their vision of Xavier. They have listened intently to parental questions and concerns. We have heard from students who have discussed the many programs and experiences they have had at Xavier, and we have traveled the campus. We have been impressed, and we know that you will be too.

As he begins his junior year, we are seeing growth in our son and think he is beginning to understand that maybe we “know” some things. He has made many friends, and established relationships that we are sure will last him a lifetime. Most importantly, he has been intellectually challenged and has had the opportunity to grow. Of course, we already knew that he was a remarkable young man.

We expect that you, too, will find that the “Power of X” is awesome. Welcome to Xavier.

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