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Last year the health and counseling center had more than 6,000 visits, a number increasingly hard to accommodate. “Demand for health and counseling services has increased steadily in recent years at Xavier and across the country, and will continue to escalate as enrollment grows,” says Oliver Birckhead, director for the center.

So to provide better care, the University instituted a health and counseling fee, which went into effect in June. The $90-per-semester-fee eliminates the cost of a physician visit—removing the barrier to on-campus care—and pays for educational and preventative activities that benefit the entire campus. The fee also allows expanded physician hours—a regular complaint—so students can meet with doctors at more convenient times. And in addition to primary care, the center is now providing specialty care in orthopedics, women’s health and psychiatry.

“We offer a quality of care here that is comparable to a doctor’s office at home,” Birckhead says. “What we want is to have Xavier doctors, nurses and therapists taking care of Xavier students.”

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