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Parental Interest: Trading Spaces

When their children enroll at Xavier, some parents don’t even know the parents’ executive council exists. But parents on the executive council, which helps oversee the 20-member parents’ advisory council, are not only making a commitment to their students’ education, but to hundreds of fellow Xavier parents as well. They each serve a three-year term—a year as vice president, one as president and one as acting past-president—working with Dianne Fisk, director for parent and constituent relations, to be a direct line of communication between parents and the University.

So in February when Fisk said goodbye to outgoing members Matt and Diana Habash, it was a bittersweet step in the cycle that keeps the executive council working effectively. “We only meet twice a year as a group, so it’s very helpful to have that executive council, because we meet more often—four or five times a year,” says Fisk. “It keeps us on track.”

Stepping in as acting past-presidents are Tricia and Larry Kluener; as presidents are Beverly and Jim Broestl; and as vice presidents are newcomers Mary Ellen and Bernie Pappas. For more information,

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