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Parental Interest

Living in Birmingham, Ala., makes it a challenge for Mike and Vivian Bonamy to keep up with their daughter, MaryRose, a senior. The distance can be a true divider. But even parents who live closer to campus face similar challenges, so Dianne Fisk, director for parent relations, stepped in and created a new line of communications: ParentsXtra, a bright, colorful newsletter written with parents in mind.


The newsletter comes out three times a year and covers such topics as tuition and fees, student life, health and counseling and learning assistance.


“Xavier has gone a cut above most universities in bringing parents into the mix,” says Mike Bonamy. “The newsletter does the one thing it’s supposed to do-it puts something into the hands of parents that focuses on things that matter to them.”


For more information about ParentsXtra, contact the office of parent relations at 513 745-4266, 800 344-4698, ext. 4266, or e-mail to

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