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One Stop Shopping

William Veeneman wants to ensure you get what you wish for. That’s why Veeneman, president and CEO of Minneapolis-based Automated Member Services Inc., launched MallGiftRegistry in October 2003.

The first registry service of its kind, MallGiftRegistry uses wireless technology to allow consumers to create a single wish list that includes products from multiple stores instead of just one. Users can access and update lists at kiosks in participating malls, via the Internet at or by phone.

The service’s initial rollout took place at the Galleria, a specialty retail center in Edina, Minn. Veeneman predicts MallGiftRegistry will be in every major mall in the United States within at least five years.

“In the past, consumers were pretty limited in the types of gift wish lists they could create and the stores where they could create them,” says Veeneman, a double graduate of the University who earned a BSBA in 1971 and an M.B.A. in 1979. “But now, consumers can create a wish list for virtually any occasion—even Groundhog Day, if they want. They can register at specialty stores that previously didn’t offer registry capabilities, and their family and friends can quickly and easily find and purchase the items.”

Who could wish for more?

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