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Oldest Grad Still Going at 98

Mildred Hull had more than three years of classes at Ohio State when she left in the early 1920s to get married and start a family. But when she decided to complete her degree 40 years later, the time gap almost kept her from that goal.

“I went to UC first and the man in charge of admissions there was very tough on me,” says Hull. “He said, ‘You can’t remember anything you learned at Ohio State.’ ” She was told she needed to start from the beginning again.

“I couldn’t afford to do that,” she says. “Plus, I was very busy. I was a teacher and had two daughters. All I needed were a few classes. After hearing that, I gave up until my husband came home one day.”

Her husband worked for Burrough’s Adding Machine Company and repaired a machine at Our Lady of Cincinnati College (later Edgecliff College) that day. He talked to Sister Mary Rose Agnes, who encouraged his wife to enroll. She did, taking classes evenings, Saturdays and in the summer, graduating in 1962.

Even though it’s been another 40 years since she was last in school, Hull hasn’t forgotten what she learned and whom she learned it from—or where she learned it. The 98-year-old graduate is still active, volunteering to make calls to help set up the Class of 1962’s reunion this summer.

When asked if she knew whether or not she was the oldest living alumni, she says, “I’m the oldest everything I think. I still like to be a part of things, though. I think I’m still here because I’m supposed to be doing something and I just haven’t done it yet.”

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