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New on Campus

Students returned to campus this fall to find a few changes awaiting them. Perhaps the biggest change came when they walked into the University library.

All of the books on the first floor were removed over the summer. They were replaced by the beginnings of what will be a prototype for the planned Learning Commons—a high-tech, 21st-century combination of library and research center that will be complete sometime this winter. Bibliophiles need not fear, though.

The books didn’t disappear. They were just rearranged. Library employees found that more than half of the books in the University’s collection had not been checked out in the last 20 years. So, the more popular books were merged onto the stacks on the upper floors, while the rest were moved into a new annex in the cavernous back section of the Alumni Center across Dana Avenue. Should anyone desire one of those books, a library employee digs it out and carts it back.

Also, the former home of the campus police department was torn down. Campus police moved into the former WVXU building last year, leaving the old building—which sat in a somewhat isolated location near the back of the Cintas Center and the Victory Park recreation fields—empty. In place of the building, the University built sand volleyball pits.

An initial thought was to turn the old police house into a women’s center. Instead, the University purchased a home along Dana Avenue near the Village apartments and turned it into the new women’s center.

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