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New Explorers

Since graduating in 1994 with a biology degree, Dave Shurna has leapt around the world—Panama, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, Africa. But Peru, home of the Amazon and the vanishing rain forest, truly stole his heart. Inspired by a new-found love of environmental issues, Shurna wanted to share his passion and knowledge with ecologically minded kids. So he created a non-profit travel business to send kids all over the world. He received a $300,000 grant from the Walton Foundation this year, and now his Global Explorers business is planning trips to exotic locales for high school teachers and students. Trip leaders include college professors who are experts in particular regions. “Our goal is to tap into the hearts and minds of young people and teach them the world belongs to all of us,” Shurna says, “and their role as global citizens is to make a positive difference.”

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