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Musical Manager

Two Christmases ago, Joan Thompson’s faith in mankind was confirmed. She took the olive wood crèche she normally displays in her office and left it out in the open on a window ledge in Edgecliff Hall, which the alumni office decorates.

“I was concerned about putting it there for its security,” says the alumni association’s Edgecliff liaison, who received the crèche from the late Bernard Wuellner, S.J., a philosophy professor. “But I thought ‘We’re just going to have to have faith that pieces won’t disappear.’ ”

Not only did the pieces not disappear, the exact opposite happened. Someone, whose identity is still unknown, added to it.

“A couple of days later,” Thompson says, “someone said, ‘I didn’t know the manger was musical.’ I knew it wasn’t, so we looked and a student put a chip that played ‘Silent Night’ inside of it. It played and played and sometime after Christmas it finally stopped.”

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