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More Reflections of Father Hoff

“I will never forget my graduation/commencement ceremony back in 1991 with Fr. Hoff. The day I received my BA degree. I will remember to keep Fr. Hoff’s family in my prayers.” —Jeffrey Glenn

“Fr. Hoff was a wonderful man and a fantastic president. I feel blessed to have attended Xavier under his tutelage.” —Brian Geraghty

“The Edgecliff alumni community deeply mourns the loss of Father Jim Hoff. To us, he was the soul and the heartbeat beneath the cornerstone of Edgecliff Hall. He was our dream maker. It was his vision that gave Edgecliff graduates a new home on the Xavier campus. He was our No. 1 cheerleader. Father Hoff opened his arms and welcomed us as a vibrant, active member of the Xavier family. With his encouragement, we became completely immersed in the campus renovation. He welcomed our ideas for Edgecliff Hall; a new state of the art place for music, a very basic part of the educational background of Edgecliff grads. Music now had a whole building on the Xavier campus. Father Hoff encouraged us to dust off our memorabilia and hang it proudly thus educating the entire Xavier community about who Edgecliff College graduates are and what we are about. He never missed an Edgecliff Scholars’ dinner and personally mentored the Hoff scholar, which we named in his honor. We will miss him. It is our hope that Father Hoff will be remembered every time a voice sings and an instrument is played within the walls of Edgecliff Hall. Father Hoff was the music in all of our hearts.” —Rosellen Creighton

“My condolences to the family and friends of Father Hoff.” —Tanzie (Freedman) Nielsen

“I met Fr. Hoff at various Xavier sports functions and when he was the speaker at the Blue Ash Montgomery Rotary Club where I was a member. He always made me feel like I was the only person in the room when he greeted me. No matter who you were the way he looked at you was as if no one else mattered at that moment but you. It was one of his many special gifts. How appropriate that he was a member of the Society of Jesus. Jesus worked through Fr. Hoff to convey to each of us who had the privilege of meeting him the love that He has for us. A true treasure of a man is now enjoying perfect happiness in his new heavenly home. His work here on earth is now finished. Well done Fr. Hoff.” —Caroline (Kist) Melson

“I would like to extend my heart-felt sympathy to Father Hoff’s family. I remember walking across the stage at Cintas in May 1996 and shaking Father Hoff’s hand after receiving my diploma. Shaking Father Hoff’s hand, I could tell that he was a truly warm and personable individual. I cried after reading Xavier University’s web site about Father Hoff’s passing. I will miss seeing him on Xavier University’s campus.” —Dianne Butler

“Father Hoff married my wife and me 20 years ago this December. Prior to our marriage, he was my spiritual advisor. His wisdom and faith were inspirational to me. Because of his love for Jesus, I strongly encouraged my wife to let him officiate and bless our marriage. We have prayed for him frequently and my only regret is that our eight children did not get to meet him. May God have mercy upon his soul and welcome him into His kingdom.” —Tom Doyle

“I have known Fr. Hoff since 1959 via his days at my high school, Creighton Prep, where he was a young, tireless scholastic. To net it down, Fr. Hoff always had time for just for you, whether he was disciplining me or speaking at my father’s funeral.” —Steve Joern

“I met Fr. Hoff several times over the years but, the most fun occurred at a fundraiser for another college. We talked and later he noticed me with an earpiece in my ear. ‘Are you listening the game?’ he asked. Well, I rarely miss a game one way or another. I’m either tuned in or I’m there. He and I spent the next hour sharing that earpiece and a few drinks. Me with my beer and Fr. Hoff with his Chablis, we listened until the team put us comfortably ahead and we went back to the fundraiser. God bless you Fr. Hoff and thank you for all you’ve done.” —David Noll

“Gentle, caring, wise, genuine, honest, warm, friendly, leader, visionary. So many adjectives could be used to describe Fr. Hoff. Those of us who knew him are better people for having been in his company. God blessed us with his kindness and his friendship. Fr. Hoff has been a family friend for more than 40 years. He married several of my siblings and their spouses, and he was generous enough to come to Olathe, Kan., and marry my wife and me on July 26, 1996, even though his niece and her husband were tragically killed in TWA flight 800. He was asked to preside over a large memorial celebration for some of the victims and he politely declined saying he had prior obligations in Kansas at that time. He could have easily backed out of our wedding and my wife and family would have understood but he wanted to fulfill his commitment to me and my family. I think that story shows the character of the man. He was a man of his word and his word was important. My mother and my family, and I’m sure the Xavier and Creighton families, have lost a dear, dear friend. His spirit will live on through Xavier University and those who knew and loved him. Goodbye and thank you Fr. James Hoff. You will be sorely missed but not forgotten.” —Alan Marstall and family

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