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Conscientious Objection
I strongly suggest that the administration reassess its values and its priorities before scheduling another scum such as filmmaker/author Moore. And please, none of that “diversity” nonsense.
John D. Harris, MBA Class of 1965


Biology Bonding
I am writing in response to your recent article on Lisa Close-Jacob [Winter 2004]. I had the privilege of having Close-Jacob for a physiology class, and her hands-on approach to education has been so motivational for me that I try to follow her lead daily as a current biology teacher in Pennsylvania. I hope I inspire my students as much as she has inspired me.
Mark Modrovsky, Class of 1999


Co-ed Considerations
I received the [Winter 2004] Xavier magazine in today’s mail. Walking up the driveway, I noticed the header mentioned rugby. The first article I flipped to was your article on rugby. You see, I have a daughter who helped form Xavier’s first women’s rugby team. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when I could not find any mention of the women’s team in your article. They won a few games this year and had many freshmen join. I drove down from Cleveland, as did other parents, to cheer the girls on. I also paid emergency room bills for the injuries sustained. Sarah has had a great experience with rugby, and maybe you will find time to let others know of a new tradition at Xavier: women’s rugby. Thank you for listening.
Ann Kalt


Enriching Memories
Congratulations on another fine issue [Winter 2004], featuring Russ Goings.


I have fond memories of stimulating conversations with him in the old South Hall snack bar during the ’58-’59 year. I was studying for an M.B.A.—after a Xavier B.S.B.A. in ‘57—and Russ was a senior. We had a common free period three or so times a week around 10:00 a.m. Even though the area was full of students, Russ was usually sitting alone—perhaps an unfortunate sign of the times—but that was fine with me because we could then concentrate on the subject at hand without outside comments not to the point.


I knew Russ went on to play pro ball, but then lost all contact or knowledge of his life. Your article in the Winter 2004 issue now completes the circle 45 years later. He indeed was an “enricher” for me, but what an impressive list of enriching experiences followed for him.


I wonder if Russ has similar memories—or any memory—of those South Hall conversations with a student whose name he probably has long forgotten. I am a better person because of him.
Bill Stenger

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