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Mollie’s Follies

Mollie McNeil likes to run. Just look at what she did one week in May. After hearing a Cincinnati radio station announce on Wednesday it was looking for a couple to get married after the Flying Pig Marathon that Sunday, she told her fiancé, Jeff Knowles, she wanted to do that instead of eloping. After some persuasion, he agreed, sending their lives into a sprint. On Friday, they closed on their new house—three months earlier than planned. On Saturday, she bought her simple white satin wedding dress. On Sunday, she ran the 26.2-mile marathon in three hours and 40 minutes.

Then she showered, changed and met a khaki-and-tie-clad Jeff—along with family, friends, radio station employees and the marathon crowd—for the wedding. A Latin-themed reception followed. And, before the evening ended, she studied for the three exams she had on Monday.

“I’m just really not into the whole big wedding thing,” she says. “I never imagined myself in a big ball gown. I just dried my hair and stuck bobby pins in it, and Mom made me a lowered crown. I wore little white J. Crew flip-flops. We had a really good time. All I needed, honestly, was Jeff. He is such a great guy.”

Oh, yeah. She passed all her exams that week and graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. Now she’s off and running in the real world.

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