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Minor Leagues

When Steve Brice graduated in 2004 with a degree in sport marketing, he was ready for the working world. Unfortunately, the working world wasn’t ready for him. He knew finding a job in the sports industry wouldn’t happen overnight, so he found work where he could—at a grocery store, in a credit office—until something surfaced. Finally, in early 2006, Brice took an internship with the Memphis Redbirds, the AAA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. As the only not-for-profit professional team in the country, the team relies heavily on interns to take on everyday tasks.

“They were having us do everything a full-time staff does,” Brice says. “We were getting a well-rounded experience.”

As the internship neared its end in August, Brice approached the team’s general manager about open positions on other teams. Weeks passed without confirmation, and Brice returned to Cincinnati. A few months later, however, the owner of the Burlington (N.C.) Royals, a minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, offered him an interview. A week later, Brice packed up and headed to Burlington, where, at age 24, he became a general manager. As the GM, Brice overseas everything from promotions to ticket sales to pulling signs off the field when the wind blows them down. It’s certainly not his final destination, but it’s definitely a good start.

“My co-worker and I joke around that we’re not really going to the office,” Brice says. “We just go to the stadium.”

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