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MBA and P&G

With funding from the Procter & Gamble Fund’s Higher Education Program, Xavier is creating a new course for MBA students that teaches them that green isn’t just the color of money. The course, “Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability,” deals with:

  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • The role of a business both within its community as well as with its other stakeholders; and
  • Topics related to sustainable practices in businesses to leave the earth in as good as or better condition.

The subject, which is important in today’s globally competitive environment, encourages students to explore different viewpoints and develop their own mental models.

The course is being developed by assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship Rebecca Luce, who has conducted research on the subject and included pieces of the subject matter in her courses for several years.

The course uses the base-of-the-pyramid market as a basis for integrating an interest in “doing well by doing good” and attention paid to the long-term effects of doing business.

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