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Matt Tripepi, who spent seven years connecting with alumni as part of the National Alumni Association, has returned to Xavier after a three-year hiatus, this time as the University’s new director for alumni engagement. And he’s coming to an alumni association chapter near you.

While he’s still settling back in, Tripepi already has plans to personally visit with most of the alumni association’s 50 chapters nationwide over the next year with the goal of bolstering alumni participation in all things Xavier and energizing existing members who aren’t active.

“My job is to get them excited and back in the fold,” Tripepi says, adding that he will focus initially on Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. “I want alumni to participate in one way, shape or form—whether that’s sending us an e-mail, checking

the web site, reading the magazine, visiting campus, watching videos of new construction if they can’t visit personally or writing to tell us stories about old buildings.”

One of the biggest challenges Tripepi and his counterparts at other universities face is maintaining current contact information. Tripepi estimates that Xavier has current contact information for less than half its alumni. His goal is to get updated information on at least 75

percent of Xavier’s estimated 60,000 alumni. “With the fast-paced digital era we’re in, traditional methods of keeping in touch with alumni aren’t as effective,” Tripepi says. “People change cell phones and e-mail addresses frequently and don’t necessarily think about updating their alumni office with their latest information.”


Updating his own information was, of course, the first thing he did when he returned. An alumnus himself, Tripepi graduated from Xavier with an MBA in 2004 and a bachelor’s degree in communication arts/electronic media in 1998. He was assistant director for alumni chapters from 2000-2005 and then worked as manager of e-marketing and e-philanthropy from 2005-2007. Tripepi most recently worked as online marketing manager for EA Sports, a sports video gaming company, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Cleveland native moved to Cincinnati as a freshman at Xavier in 1994 and has forged close ties to the city he now considers home. Tripepi’s three-year stint in Canada was the 34-year-old’s first time away from Ohio. He cherished the experience, but personal connections lured him back to the Buckeye State and to Xavier, in particular. Tripepi and his wife, Danielle, whom he met at Xavier, are active in many neighborhood programs in Cincinnati and have many friends in the city. “I couldn’t be more excited to be back,” he says.

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