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Mark Rohr’s 10 Tenets of Disaster Management

Mark Rohr wrote a book, Joplin: The Miracle of the Human Spirit, that details the first six months after the storm. In it he includes his “10 tenets of disaster management,” which he offers as a blueprint for other public officials faced with similar situations.

Get organized.

2 Understand there will be trial and error.

3 Find a way for everyone to participate either by donating or volunteering.

4 Don’t be seduced by the limelight—stay focused on what’s important.

5 Stay directly connected to the area and people impacted by the disaster.

6 Designate one spokesperson to update progress and reassure the public regarding the future.

7 Local leadership is the essential ingredient.

8 Be aware of the psychological mood of the community.

9 Use the attention created by the event to benefit the community. Don’t be overwhelmed or victimized by it.

10 Limit the number of people given access to the actual operation center.

NOTE: Rohr donates the profits from the book to the disaster recovery efforts.


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