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Man in Blue

Murphy Robinson has a plan. While many Xavier students are busy starting their weekends, Robinson, a sophomore criminal justice/public relations double major from Denver, spends most Fridays living out a lifelong dream—working and learning during an eight-hour shift in a police cruiser.

Robinson is a cadet with the campus police department, a position that has been provided to a handful of criminal justice majors over the years. It requires students to engage in practical, on-the-street experience under the tutelage of a supervisor a minimum of two times per month, and it awards
24 hours of credit for a semester spent at the Cincinnati Police Academy. Robinson will attend the academy next fall.

Robinson already has a pretty impressive résumé. In his high school days, he was a member of the Civil Air Patrol U.S. Air Force Auxiliary and the Police Explorers. He also volunteered for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. At Xavier, he is a member of the student senate and has his eye on an eventual slot on the Student Government Association’s executive council. And when his undergraduate days are done, he says, he’s off to law school and into a career in politics.

That may sound like a pretty broad range of interests to some, but not to Robinson. He believes the rationale for his interest in police work extends across all the other boundaries. “I have always been a person who likes to help people, who likes to get involved in the problem so I can fix it. And I’m good at it.”

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