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Major Changes

“It was the spring of 1957,” says Edmund Adams, a 1960 graduate. “It was my sophomore year and my first year as sports editor of the Xavier newspaper. The Muskies went to the NIT in New York and they invited me to go along.

“No one thought Xavier would play more than a game or two, but they won their first two games and had two to go. The business manager came to me and said he never figured we’d be here this long and that I had to go home. I said, ‘I’m not going.’

“WSAI radio did the games in those days, and things were so tight, there was only one announcer. I happened to talk to him and he said, ‘How would you like to be my color man and do stats for the next couple of games?’ I said, ‘Great.’ We sat in an overhanging box on the upper deck at Madison Square Garden. The Muskies won the tournament.

“The next year, we started doing basketball on a Xavier radio station. I did the play-by-play and was the first sports announcer. Then, my senior year, Dick Bray, who was an old-time Cincinnati announcer, asked me to be his spotter for the football games. We were up at Miami [University] and Dick had to go to the bathroom at halftime. He turned and handed me the mike and said, ‘Have to go, it’s all yours.’ I grabbed the statistics and read stats for 10 minutes. That was my radio career.”

Adams became a lawyer.

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