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Major Benefactors

Phil Gasiewicz is the man—and money—behind a growing number of curtains at the University. The 1968 graduate has, in the last four years:

•   Provided $650,000 toward the creation of the Surkamp Family Welcome Center in the Alumni Center.
•   Provided funds to allow the library to digitize all Xavier yearbooks, newspapers and other history references.
•   Given $225,000 for transformation of the first floor of the University Library into a prototype of the Learning Commons.
•   And, most recently, given $1 million toward the development of the new Williams College of  Business building.

In a recent interview concerning the Learning Commons prototype, David Dodd, associate vice president for information resources and chief information officer, praised Gasiewicz. “Thank God for Phil Gasiewicz,” Dodd said.  “He believes so strongly in our faculty and students that he paid for a great deal of this himself. It gives us the opportunity to learn by doing, to hone and tweak and keep evolving the Learning Commons concept in a strong direction.”

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