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Sara Elizabeth Timmins isn’t shy. “My mantra is, ‘Dare to live life out loud,’ ” she says. That’s how I’ve always lived my life. If you follow your dreams, jump in, take a risk and embrace what you believe in, the results can be amazing.”

Timmins jumped in and began following her dreams right after graduating with a degree in communication arts in 1999. Desiring to get into the movie business, she started her own production company—which she aptly named Life Out Loud Films—in Cincinnati, producing amongst other pieces the film “Tattered Angel,” which included former “Wonder Woman” TV star Lynda Carter in the cast. The film won several film festival awards.

Encouraged, six years ago she headed for Hollywood. She has produced more than a dozen independent films since then while also acting on stage and in TV shows. Still, in December 2007, she admits, she was feeling unfulfilled.

“I was stuck in that go-go-go of Hollywood, and I was stressed, confused and a wreck,” she says. She spent Christmas with her parents in Smith Mountain Lake, Va., pausing at one point to walk around the lake. “It was life-changing,” she says. “A clarity came over me. I made a lot of personal vows to myself.”

Among those vows: producing a movie set at the lake. Tentatively titled “Lake Effect,” the film is a drama about a lakeside family and the challenges they face. And, thanks to enthusiastic pledges of donated services, she’s pared the cost down from $1.8 million to $500,000. She plans to film the movie this fall and hopes to have it ready for release in 2010.

“It’s a film that will make people think about their lives,” she says. “My company is focused on films that make people leave the theater wanting to make life better.”

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