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Life in the Second 50

J. Leo Klein, S.J., one of Xavier’s longest-serving Jesuits, knows a thing or two about aging, and he has two artificial knees and an artificial hip to prove it. Getting old ain’t for sissies, he likes to say. But he also knows there’s more to life as an elder statesman than new body parts, which is why he created “The Second Fifty: Spirituality in Later-Life Issues,” a program that seeks to offer meaning, direction and spirit to those in the second half of their lives. The program meets nine times in the evenings for two hours and touches on issues such as God, prayer, spiritual mile-markers and legacy/heritage by utilizing books such as Man’s Search for Meaning and films such as “Oh God!” The next Second Fifty program begins Tuesday, Oct. 4. Cost is $110. Interested alumni should reserve a place in the program by contacting Laura Allen at 513-745-3571 or

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