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The Major Leagues
First of all, I enjoy reading Xavier and look forward to each issue. In fact, when I attended my 40th anniversary last year, I was pleased to be a part of a focus panel regarding the magazine.

As a baseball fan I read with interest the article about Matt Watson and Bobby Bevel and will be watching and rooting for them to make the “bigs.” However, I believe Coach Morrey was wrong to say these are the only Xavier grads to get close to the majors, considering Jim Bunning’s outstanding major league career.

When I’m certain this isn’t the first note you’ve received, since Jim’s brother was a classmate of mine, I felt I should step up to the plate. Keep up the good work.
George H. Allen

Baseball Cards
Here’s a correction to the summer edition, Page 30 (Scoreboard). How can the school, especially someone in the baseball program, have forgotten Jim Bunning (late 40s-early 50s)? Maybe John Morrey should read his baseball cards.
Fred Engler
Class of 1956

Interreligious Studies
Please convey my thanks to France Griggs Sloat for her well-done article on ghetto art that appeared in the Summer 2003 edition of Xavier. This article was very meaningful to me because I was but one of a small number of Jewish students enrolled as undergraduates in the mid-1960s.

I will never forget and will always appreciate the kindness extended to me by the numerous administrators, faculty and staff members, and fellow students during my approximate two-and-a-half-year stay at Xavier. Special thanks goes to Fr. J. Peter Buschmann, S.J., former director of admissions. Fr. Buschmann and Fr. E.J. O’Conner, who was University chaplain at the time, helped me to adapt and become part of the Xavier community. This was quite a unique experience for me because I had little exposure to the Catholic Church or Catholic education. Fr. Buschmann served as a role model for me as an admissions officer.

Prior to retiring in December 2000, I served as a staff member in the University of South Carolina’s undergraduate admissions office in Columbia, S.C., for a little more than 29 years. I came to Xavier as a marginal student at best and left in January 1967 being the holder of a Xavier degree. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to me by Xavier and Fr. Buschmann.

I enjoy getting and reading the Xavier alumni publication and commend the staff for a job well done. Wishing the entire Xavier community much continued success.
Sherwood Stark
Class of 1967

Traveling Issues
My wife and I were “recruiting” (actually touring) Austria/Switzerland the past two weeks, and I took the recent Xavier magazine with me to read. There was a young woman on the tour who was a member of the staff at University of Southern Maine in Portland, and I asked her if she would like to read it and she said yes. After she had read it, she asked if she could keep it to take back to USM. I certainly said yes. Another older woman had seen it and asked for a copy, and I said I would have one sent.

These two people were definitely impressed, and I also think you do a fantastic publication. I like the shortness of the articles so I can read a couple, lay it down, (or fall asleep—caused by age, not the content) and pick it up where I left off with a new item. Keep up the good work. My wife gets her alumni pub also (won’t mention the school but it is a major school) and by her own admittance, it does not compare to Xavier’s.
John Wintz
Class of 1957, MBA 1965
Xavier Basketball Manager 1960-1997
Adjunct Management

More Calls to Order
I enjoyed your article about Eric Sundrup. I just wanted to let you know that there are three Xavier graduates who have entered the Jesuits in the last three years. I graduated from Xavier in 1995 and entered the Jesuits last August. But I joined the California Province, not the Chicago Province like Eric and Cyril Whitaker. You are right that there are not many of us entering the Jesuits anymore, so I thought I should let you know that there was at least one other one out there.
Bob Stephan

Balanced Arguments
I read that “ultra liberal” Michael Moore was invited to speak at Xavier. My question is when will the other side be heard from? Why not invite the “ultra conservative” Ann Coulter to speak also?
Joan Borgarding

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