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A Scholarly Question
Your article “For the Love of God” [Spring 2004] was very good. I have a question for the scholars: Lets pretend God came to you in a dream and said, “You have 40 days and 40 nights to gather all the leaders of the various religions, telling them my message while on earth was simply to obey my commandments and live the way I taught you. Otherwise, at the end of the 40th day, if you do not believe in me, under one umbrella of faith and love called ‘God’s Religion Church,’ I will bring havoc to my children in such a way that you will cry out begging for forgiveness for the things you did to one another using my name as a legal cause to justify your end.”

He tells you to throw away all the Bibles, scriptures, etc., for they are no longer useful. You have had time enough and at the end of the 40th day, you best have everyone’s ducks in a row or time is up. No questions asked. I’ll bet, rather than having separate opinions from each scholar, they will find a way for just one thought based on this. What are the scholars going to do? Lets brain storm. Quickly my dear people. My neck’s on the line too. Your answer as a one-headed group is appreciated.
Bill Keenan, Cincinnati

Rewriting Scripture
Christians are to spread the gospel to all nations, not try to compromise with them over key points of doctrine. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, period. There will never be peace in the world, no matter how hard men try. That’s in the Bible. Read it and see. As Christ’s return nears, there will be “wars and rumors of wars.” Christians can and should reach out in love to Muslims and people of other “religions” and do as many kind acts as they can to others—as a part of our faith, not as a way to heaven.

However, liberation theologists such as [Paul] Knitter [For the Love of God, Sring 2004] are rewriting scripture if they think they can strike unbiblical bargains with pagans in lieu of their conversion to Christianity. Ain’t gonna happen. Jesus came not to unite, but divide. And it continues to frustrate me that the term “religion” is used rather than “faith.” A “religion” does not save. True faith does.
Terry McIver

Standing Corrected
I am a graduate of the class of 1961 and a friend and classmate of Fr. Ed Schmidt, S.J., a Jesuit missionary in Peru for many years. In your recent article about WVXU [Winter 2004], you published a photo of station pioneers and misidentified Schmidt. The student in the center of the photo is Jim Zerkle. Ed Schmidt is in the center of the three figures on the right of the photo. I am also happy to report that Ed was in Cincinnati briefly last summer and he spent the day and evening with my wife and me, another XU grad Robert McLaughlin and his wife Dace, and former University nurse Wilma McGrath. Ed is in great spirits and is still on the short wave from his quarters in Lima.
J. Dennis Doherty, Cincinnati

Crosstown Compliment
This is rather difficult for a U.C. graduate to say, but you have created the best university magazine that I know of. From Mike Graham’s “President’s Perspective” through “Braids by Butta” to John LaRocca’s pasta ministry and “For God’s Sake,” you have offered your readers in the recent issue [Spring 2004] a cross section of very meaningful reading. Glad my husband is an alum so I can read “Xavier.” Peace and all good.
Patti Patten Normile

Mrs. Robinson
What is happening to my university? Somewhat more than a year ago a chair in the school of theology was awarded to Sr. [Joan] Chittester even though she deliberately disobeyed a papal directive relating to a meeting regarding the ordination of women; the president of the University doesn’t believe the mandatum need be applied for by professors of philosophy and theology so long as he maintains a good relationship with the archbishop of Cincinnati; and, now, we’ve been informed that [Mary Robinson] the former president of Ireland and a prominent pro-choice executive of the United Nations is going to speak at Xavier on “human rights and ethical globalization” and “the impact of globalization on women.”

Can one who publicly supports killing humans in the womb truly and factually address ethical considerations? Will Mrs. Robinson consider and discuss the adverse impact right to life issues, particularly abortion, has on women worldwide, most notably in third-world countries?
J.P. McLaughlin, Class of 1951

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