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Jazz Fan What a thrill it was to see Jack Heim after so many years. Even better was to read that he is still active at XU and with his beloved music series. I was at all his earliest concerts until I graduated in ’79. Fr. Jack’s energy and humor were powerful then and still shine through today. My daughter is an XU freshman this year and a jazz fan. How fun. Thanks for your article.
Francis Bujold

Mistaken Identity Concerning the article “Into Africa” by France Griggs Sloat in the summer 2005 issue, it is highly unlikely that a boa constrictor pulled a puppy “into the dark.” Boa constrictors are native to Central and South America, so unless they have become migratory recently, I would suggest that a different snake was the culprit.
John Zurawka

Dumbing It Down In my days at Xavier, no one would have referred to a female graduate as an “alumnus.” Instead of contributig t the dumbing down, I believer that Xavier should produce a choice of bumper stickers: “Xavier Alumnus,” “Xavier Alumna,” and “Xavier Alumni” for those with multiple graduates.
Tom O’Brien

Female Adventure After reading 2001 alumna Amanda Trice’s journalistic tale, “The Roof of Africa,” I am most pleased that a recent Xavier graduate contributed this outstanding article for Xavier alumni to read. Since I teach college composition at Oxnard College, I am constantly on the lookout for contemporary female adventurers to balance Jon Drakauer’s Into the Wildnon-fiction work, which emphasizes male adventurers. Now in my class discussions I can include Trice’s adventure with her friend, Sarah, who reached Kilimanjaro’s summit together.
Eric Boys

Religion and Politics The writers of the Constitution were members of different faiths. They were of English descent and had lived in England and tried to practice their faith. However, they “suffered” under rules set up by King Henry VIII.

King Henry VIII decided to divorce his wife, but the pope said, “No.” Henry defected (was excommunicated) from the Catholic Church. To retaliate, he established the Church of England and confiscated many Catholic Church properties, including Westminster Abbey. There were protests from other relitions, but to no avail. Henry then levied a tax on all properties of non-Church of England religions. These taxes were very burdensome. Also, the Church of England wanted to introduce some articles repugnanet to them. The original settlers, better known as the Puritans, were so enraged they decided to leave England for America, followed by Lord Baltimore and his fellow immigrants.

We all know the various taxes and abuses of power employed by the Crown, resulting in the battles of the Revolution. The Constitutional Congress met and defined the abuses of power employed by the Crown and collectively said, “No more and never again.” In effect, they built a wall enclosing government obligations and duties. They also provided that the government treat all persons equally and let the individual determine his way of life, in a broad sense. However, ruled by fair and equitable laws.

All human beings have material and spiritual needs. From the Book of Genesis passage after being in the desert for a while Moses complained to God about the bickering among the people. God suggested that Moses set up tribunals to settle disputes, and that took the burden of material things off Moses’ hands. Moses remained the spiritual connection with God and remained the leader of his people.

Article One of the Constitution tells governemtn not to establish a state religion and to reat all relitions or lack of one equally.
August Geier

Cover to Cover Your fall 2005 issue of Xavier magazine I thought merited this note. The issue I read from cover to cover. For a change, I didn’t skim. The article “View From the Top” was tops. The article on Father Heim prompted me to introduce myself after my first visit to one of his programs. Music is my forte as Mrs. Ferroll of the library will attest.

I personally have taken it upon myself to build a mammoth orchestral classical collection. My goal is 500 discs by the end of the year. I have been collecting for 63 years and might add that I have one of the largest music libraries in the area.
Bob Seifert

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