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What About the Youth?
I was very pleased to read that Xavier University is making an effort to engage the communities of Evanston and Norwood. As owner and landlord of a beautiful house located on Greenlawn Avenue, I was a little disconcerted to hear no mention of Cincinnati Public Schools or specifically Walnut Hills High School in the collaboration. Xavier and Walnut Hills are two of the best schools in Cincinnati bordering Cincinnati’s worst drug neighborhood (according to an article last month in The Cincinnati Enquirer). It is not enough to engage the adults in this plan to better the community, the youth must also feel that they are being included so that the hopelessness that fuels the use and sale of drugs is addressed and combated once and for all.

I was also a little disappointed to hear that the person hired to deal with the problem was from Chicago. I hope that ordinary citizens from the community are being included in providing solutions for their community also.

Andrea Laudat Blackmon


In Praise of Uncle John Thank you very much for the kind article on my uncle, John Sweeney, and his part in the battle of Guadalcanal. Besides being my uncle, John Sweeney was the younger brother of James Sweeney (Xavier Class of 1934) who was featured in the article “Time Passages“ in your summer 2002 magazine. All through my life he was my uncle and my personal hero and inspired me to join the Marine Corps when I graduated from Xavier in 1967. I fought with the 3rd Marine Division in Viet Nam as a 2nd Lieutenant Forward Observer, the same Marine Division Colonel John Sweeney served was the Chief of Staff. It was my last post before retiring from the Marine Corps.

Xavier students interested in learning more about the Marine Raiders and their part in the battle of Guadalcanal can readEdison’s Raiders by Joseph Alexander, which is available in the Xavier library. Also for those that wonder, the rifle my uncle is carrying in the photo is a Reising Submachine Gun, Caliber .45 (made in Models 50, 55 and 60) used in limited quantities by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Coast Guard during World War II.

Brian Sweeney Class of 1967

A More Peaceful Anthem
Concerning patriotic music, columnist Colman McCarthy has suggested that instead of a national anthem with rockets and bombs bursting, we should get a more peaceful national anthem that emphasizes the bravery and freedom required to work for peace and justice. He calls attention to the national anthem of Finland: “O hear my song, thou God of all the nations; a song of peace for their land and for mine.”

Ben Urmston, S.J.

Service with a Smile
I remember Rowena from 1960-1964, along with some of the nicest line servers and worst breakfasts I’ll ever have—but at least there was plenty of food and smiles, and I needed both.

E. N. Genovese

Missing Rasheedah’s
As a former Xavier employee, I used to get lunch or dinner from Rasheedah’s at least twice per week. Her food is one of the things I miss about Cincinnati. I hope more students, faculty and staff will support her restaurant and other businesses in the community. Interdependence is the only way communities thrive.

Elayne Jackson


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