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Letters from Fr. O’Connor

• Read about O’Connor’s exhausting weekend in the summer of 1944 dodging ships in Chesapeake Bay, chased by a hurricane, to hear confessions and say Mass for hours on end in a pitching sea.

• O’Connor describes boarding the Big ’Mo in August 1945 just before it steamed into Tokyo Harbor.

• O’Connor’s letter of Sept. 3, 1945, describes the historic events of Sept. 2, when he was a witness to the signing ceremony that ended the war with Imperial Japan.

• O’Connor and two other Jesuits rode in a Jeep through the streets of Tokyo on Sept. 5, 1945, and describes in this letter of Sept. 7 the harrowing trip to bring relief supplies to the Jesuits holed up at Sophia University.

• In another letter dated Sept. 7, 1945, O’Connor gives a more official account of the conditions for the Jesuits in Japan and at Sophia. The account is in the official archives of Sophia.

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