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Lei-ing New Ground

It definitely wasn’t the weather that attracted Adam Ikaika Louis to the University. The sophomore is the only student enrolled at Xavier from his native state—Hawaii. While he says he’s happy to be here, he admits that sometimes he feels like he’s, um, on an island.

“The people are different,” he says. “And the food is definitely different. I miss the white rice and lots of chicken and cultural food like Japanese and Hawaiian.”

His favorite meal is lau lau, which is meat wrapped in a large taro plant leaf, which is wrapped again in a tea leaf, tied up and steamed with sea salt. They don’t serve that at the Hoff dining hall.

While Xavier also has two students from Alaska, Louis has arguably had to make the greatest adjustments. Particularly with the weather.

“I like it when it snows, but not when it’s just cold,” he says. “I had to get a whole new wardrobe.”

What brought Louis to the University was academics. He researched schools that offered sports management programs and selected Xavier. He arrived on campus sight unseen. Despite the nostalgic twinges for home, though, Louis plans to stay the full four years.

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