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Leadership Lessons

It’s one thing to form an opinion about a politician from media accounts. But it’s another to get to know them firsthand. That’s why the 33 students in professor Art Shriberg’s graduate Principles of Leadership class brought in the candidates for Cincinnati mayor.

The students quizzed the candidates and then voted on who they thought should be the next mayor. Their choice? State Sen. Mark Mallory with 26 votes. David Pepper got four votes and Alicia Reese three.

Leadership style is such a subjective quality that the students had trouble explaining why Mallory stood head-and-shoulders above the others. But how important is leadership? Wayne Davis, the leader of the group, noted that the mayor who takes office in December will be the first never to serve under the “weak mayor” system.

“This is really the first opportunity for a mayor to really shape the way the city develops,” he says.

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