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The new home of the Williams College of Business will feature three centers and one institute:


Center for Investment Research This student-managed facility contains state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of stocks and securities as well as portfolio management. It also offers hands-on, practical training for students and the business community.


Center for Business Ethics This center plays a leading role in helping all constituents recognize and incorporate ethical and values-related issues in the workplace while building stronger partnerships among students, faculty and the business community. It also provides a variety of resources for groups and organizations.


Entrepreneurial Center Ranked among the nation’s best by The Princeton Review, the center provides students the knowledge and resources to act on business opportunities. Students learn to identify the personal, ethical, marketing, financial and operational functions critical to success, building a solid portfolio of skills and accomplishments through real-world projects and small businesses, non-profit organizations or new ventures.


Institute for Health Informatics The institute advances the development and use of information technologies and digital information resources in the efficient and effective delivery of health care. It includes patient medical informatics, diagnosis and decision support systems, and health-care operations and management.

The institute is part of the graduate program in health services administration, which will occupy 7,500 square feet in the new building but retain its independent identity. The program is already widely known throughout the health care industry.


Ida Critelli Schick, director for the graduate program in health services administration, says the new facility will provide the forward-looking technology and environment needed to attract the best possible students. It will also aid in the engagement and retention of world-class faculty, and will offer more space for collaborative work with off-campus partners.

“We are in an excellent position to build on our 50-year tradition and further strengthen the program’s reputation as one of the most respected of its kind in the country,” Schick says.

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