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Joke Lands on Target

What’s the difference between the human appendix and Paris Hilton? Clare Baker seems to know the answer. In fact, her answer was so good that the 2006 graduate placed third in’s national comedy competition for her joke titled, “The Appendix.” The competition required entrants to submit a brief video of themselves telling an original, topical joke that you might find in a farcical newscast.

“I scanned headlines with the contest in mind for about a week or so,” says Baker, who works as an editor at The Big Picture, a magazine for the digital printing industry. “Once I came across the appendix story, I thought of the punch line almost immediately. I was reluctant to submit a Paris Hilton joke because she’s such an easy target and jokes about her have been done over and over again. But I thought the set-up made it interesting—or at least unexpected.”

Although she didn’t receive a monetary prize, Baker had her video posted online and critiqued by Judge Kevin Bleyer, a writer for “The Daily Show” who thought the joke worthy of comedians such as Tina Fey and Conan O’Brien. He also commented that he “didn’t see the punch line coming, and it lands just in time.”

So what’s the difference between the human appendix and Paris Hilton? You’ll have to go to watch Baker and find out the answer.  And to read the judges’ comments,

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