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Jesuit Job

John Gladstone has probably worked in Jesuit education longer than some priests ordained to do so. He not only attended a Jesuit high school and college, but also has an impressive résumé of experience within Jesuit schools that spans 38 years. And he’s not finished yet. After 15 years as the associate academic vice president for enrollment services at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Gladstone is taking over the presidency at Jesuit High School in Portland, Ore.

“It’s a chance to really lead a Jesuit school,” Gladstone says. “I’ve never had that opportunity, and there aren’t too many laypersons that are in that role.”

The 1968 graduate visited the suburban Portland school twice on recruitment missions for John Carroll, never expecting they would recruit him. After two flights to Portland and a meeting in Los Angeles, Gladstone landed the job.

He says he hopes to carry his skills from the 3,300-student John Carroll to Portland’s 1,140 co-ed population while still maintaining the school’s Catholic, Jesuit identity and making sure tuition remains affordable for all those who qualify.

So why does Jesuit education hold so much interest? “I very much like the Jesuit mission,” he says. “I believe strongly in making the world a better place and helping young people become leaders and make a difference in the world.”

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