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Jerry Goodwin

Bachelor of Arts in political science, 1985 | Senior partner with Goodwin & Grant, an advertising, marketing and public relations firm in Tulsa, Okla.; director of the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League; chair of the national diversity council of the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C.; adjunct instructor in advertising and public relations at Tulsa Community College.

Distinguishing Marks Goodwin served as student body president during his senior year at the University and received the Francis J. Finn, S.J., Award for outstanding service both on campus and in the community.

Committed to Service Today, much of Goodwin’s work centers on creating understanding among people of different backgrounds. His guiding philosophy came from his paternal grandmother, who liked to say, “Service is the room and board that we pay for our life on earth.” He also credits his time at the University with shaping his outlook. “The Jesuit tradition of community service was a driving force in what I do today,” he says.

Getting Started Goodwin began his career working for The Oklahoma Eagle, a family-owned enterprise that’s the oldest African-American newspaper in the state. There, he worked in all facets of the business and created a magazine promoting dialogue and discussion regarding diversity. He left the paper four years ago to start Goodwin & Grant, but remains a consultant.

High Point Goodwin has amassed an impressive list of local and national chairmanships and awards and has been active in political campaigns for both major parties. He cites his 13-year association with the American Red Cross, though, as “one of the greatest enjoyments” of his career. The national diversity council, which he chairs, is charged with giving Red Cross workers the training and materials they need to sensitively serve various cultural groups and make certain they have easy access to all of the services available in any given situation.

Looking Forward “I’m 40 years old, and I’m now moving on to the other half of my life,” Goodwin says. “I have a grandmother who’s sharp as a tack and will celebrate her 100th birthday in July. I only hope that I have that longevity and can look back and see that I made a difference.”

Future Decisions Given his wide range of experience, some have suggested that elected office is a logical next step. Goodwin isn’t sure he agrees. “I don’t need to have bricks thrown at me,” he says. “I think I can do more good out of the spotlight.”

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