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It was a busy summer for longtime Xavier Jesuit Joseph Bracken, S.J. The professor emeritus of theology, who began teaching at Xavier in 1982, published his 10th book, Does God Roll Dice? Divine Providence for a World in the Making, a response to Albert Einstein’s oft-quoted saying that “God does not play dice.”

Bracken combines his knowledge of both religion and science to form a foundation for his process theology beliefs, and does so well enough that at least one reviewer called the book “A must read if you are interested in the harmonious totality of the nature of existence and a rational, well-thought-out teleology to go along with it.”

Bracken was also the subject of a Festschrift, a book the academic community puts together to honor those respected in their field. Festschrifts typically contain original essays by colleagues. Bracken was honored with the Festschrift, titled Seeking Common Ground: Evaluation and Critique of Joseph Bracken’s Comprehensive Worldview, at two conferences over the summer, one for the Catholic Theological Society of America and one for the College Theology Society. Panelists at both conferences offered their own thoughts on Bracken’s work and

process theology.

“It was all very nice,” says the 80-year-old Bracken, “except they all kept referring to me in the past tense.”

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