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Internal Operations

With an eye on the future, the University is in the planning stages of launching a new fundraising campaign. A large part of any successful campaign takes place behind the scenes.

At Xavier, that aspect is handled by the internal operations team. Internal operations is led by Susan Abel, associate vice president and campaign coordinator.

As a whole, the group gathers, organizes, manages and disseminates information that guides the sound and effective advancement and overall business decisions of Xavier’s development office.  It is composed of five main areas within the Division of University Relations:

Data management and gift processing. Led by associate director Mary Pranger, staff members, Betsy Salzl, Brigid Cucinotta, Mary Beth Bruns and Laurel Bauer work to maintain
biographic and demographic data on over 150,000 alumni, parents and friends. They record
nearly 5 million pieces data annually. This group also processes an average of 25,000 gifts into
the University each year. The department supports other University Relations staff in fundraising and communication efforts and assists others across campus to provide needed data.

Data Analysis and Reporting. Led by Elena Gavrilova, the group develops business
intelligence solutions to support data-driven decision-making in fundraising; and provides
statistical support for strategic decision-making by applying a variety of analytical methods,
including building predictive models for identifying new prospects and raising funds

Prospect research, management and discovery. Led by director Matt Morneault, the staff of Jenny Thacker and Pat Froehle, work closely with the development staff and are the primary source for new-prospect identification. The group supports development staff with individualized research highlighting bio-demographics, asset analysis and gift capacity estimates. It also manages a sophisticated system to code, track and analyze prospect engagement. And it supports senior staff with both high level and focused analytics to make sure that appropriate measurements are achieved.

Technology and Systems. Under the leadership of Laura Ruwe, the group provides all
technical support and training for the various systems and devices utilized by the division. She serves as the primary partner with Information technology and vendors, and discovers ways to more efficiently use our systems and data to allow the division to do more.

Communications. Trinity Lamping works to coordinate all communications for the division including print, web, advertising, e-mail and social media. She also assists the division by helping coordinate divisional events.

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