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In Memoriam: Bill Jones

William “Bill” Jones, a longtime Xavier professor of philosophy who was respected and loved by both students and peers, died on Jan. 13 at the age of 68. Jones joined the Xavier faculty in 1969 after earning bachelor’s degrees in Latin and philosophy from Marquette University. After completing a Doctor in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, he was promoted to assistant professor in 1970 and was granted tenure in 1973.

In 1987, Jones earned an MBA at Xavier, which helped strengthen the philosophy department’s offerings in business ethics. Having the highest degree of education in these two fields, Jones fused the two disciplines into a single class that was so popular that every class was filled before the first day of class registration ended.

Jones was recognized with the Teacher of the Year Award in 1973 and the Outstanding Faculty Service Award in 1976. He went on to chair the Faculty Committee in 1977 and 1982. Beyond the awards and honors, the true testament to Jones’s character was the respect he engendered from his students, as reflected in a remark one student made before his retirement.

“Dr. Jones was the best teacher I had in my four years being here. He was smart, compassionate, and a good person. Xavier University benefits 100 percent from having Dr. Jones. I would be upset if anything ever happened to him. At times he was a teacher, friend and even a father figure.”

Jones retired in 2008 after 39 years at Xavier and lived at home with his wife, Betsy. in Cincinnati.


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