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Ike Relief

Hurricane Ike, the worst of the 2008 season, made landfall at Galveston, Texas, on Saturday, Sept. 13. Eight days later, senior marketing major Jabriel Kelley was hauling a blue bucket around asking everyone to pony up some cash to support relief efforts. The Category 2 storm left 112 people dead and $24 million worth of destruction. Kelley, a member of the student senate, wanted to help, and the United Way of Cincinnati told him raising money was the best way.

His professors allowed him to solicit in their classrooms. And his employer, Great American Insurance, where he’s held an internship all year, also encouraged him to solicit donations. Kelley netted $550 in one week for the Student Government Association, which wrote a check to the United Way who forward-ed it to their counterparts in Galveston and Houston.

“I was very proud of that,” Kelley says. “It felt great. Service has always been my passion, because you never know what a helping hand can do. That’s what I look forward to in my career: How can I help someone else?”

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