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If a Tree Falls by Allison Scholl

If a Tree Falls is a resource for all teachers. Written by Xavier alumnae Allison Scholl, the book explores the modern classroom and reveals the troubling issues that arise.She hopes to inspire readers to become agents of change in what she sees as dire circumstances by portraying the harsh realities students’ experience.

If a Tree Falls is designed to be a catalyst. Scholl argues that a system can be designed which focuses on helping children, both cognitively and emotionally. Her book is unapologetic in its portrayal of classroom problems and issues, and it is Scholl’s intent to use this blatant honesty to inspire readers to get involved with instituting change and reform for the sake of all students and society as a whole.

The book can be found at AmazonBarnes and NobleJoseph-Beth Booksellers and other book sellers.

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