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I do. A lot.

In working to help put together all of the admissions materials, it becomes apparent that Xavier—in some subtle but evident ways—helps self-select its students. That is, we make it apparent that these are our values and beliefs, and if they don’t line up with what you, as a prospective student, are looking for, then perhaps Xavier isn’t your best choice. And that’s OK.

unknownThat helps some students avoid the frustration of dealing with things like Xavier’s Core Curriculum or emphasis on ethics. It helps Xavier retain its students and know that the ones who are here are interested in becoming men and women for others. It also helps explain why so many Xavier students end up marrying each other.

Or so it seems. As the person who edits Class Notes in Xavier magazine, the number of wedding announcements submitted from alumni seems to be endless. And growing. (If that’s possible.)

Yet another one found its way to may email box this week—Jon and Elizabeth Baker. The couple, as it turns out, met in their final class—a management course held on, of all times, Saturday mornings. I’m sure they looked their best for the class. The class isn’t offered every semester, and they both needed it to graduate. They got placed in the same small group in the class to do a project, and before they knew it they were spending more time together out of class as they were in class.

“My father always asked why I was dating a UC student when starting school at XU,” says Elizabeth. “He always said, ‘You need to find yourself a good Xavier man, Elizabeth.’ Well he got his way you could say.”

Jon and Elizabeth aren’t alone. There are dozens of stories of Xavier couples. Some have been known to propose on the X in the middle of the Academic Mall. Some have been known to get married in Bellarmine Chapel or have a Xavier Jesuit officiate. Some have even been known to hold their wedding reception at the Cintas Center and have their wedding photos taken on the X on the basketball court. (Now that’s hardcore.)

Maybe it’s something in Xavier’s water. Maybe it’s something about Xavier’s campus. Or, just maybe, it’s something in the subtle way Xavier attracts its students. Hmm.

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