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Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief | Former Xavier basketball great David West was in North Carolina last August when Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast, where he now plays for the National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Hornets. At the time, foremost on his mind was preparing for his third season. But, he says, “Worrying about playing time in the NBA is kind of minute compared to Katrina. That kind of grounded me.” West had a townhouse in suburban New Orleans that did not suffer damage as a result of the flooding, but friends of his wife were less fortunate. “They lost everything. It is just an unfortunate situation. Your heart goes out to them. We are in a very fortunate situation in terms of financial security.”

West and his wife donated supplies to her friends, and he was among the Hornets players who delivered goods and supplies to Katrina victims.

Another Xavier graduate Terry Kofler, is in his 18th season as the Hornets’ trainer and director of team travel. He also was out of town and survived unscathed. He’s since sold his home in Louisiana, though, and moved to Oklahoma.

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